Boston’s MBTA Fare Strike at Park Street

[pullquote author=”Boston Fare”]”They say FARE HIKE, We say FARE STRIKE!”[/pullquote]

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Passed by folks putting the word out for an upcoming MBTA fare strike at Park Street Station downtown Boston. My monthly subway commuter pass increased by 18% from $59 to $70 starting in July. That is a pretty significant increase. On the other hand, I believe it’s been many years since the last increase.

Boston fare Strike @ encouraging commuters to participate in a public meeting to plan the next action on July 19th, 6pm at the Bandstand. Boston Fare Strike is a coalition of organizations and individuals that came together to meet the July 1st fare hikes with a fare strike. They see this action as a step in the long-term struggle to not only defend Public Transit, but to improve and expand it to better serve the people of Boston and the surrounding areas.

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