UX Minute of the Day

Monday, 02.04.13– What’s Missing?

During my commute this morning on the Green Line.

What's Missing?


Wednesday, 09.19.12– Chinatown

2 UX moments while exploring the city with a camera in hand.

1. I’m in Chinatown shooting passersby in front of a chinese bazaar. Little did I know, while I’m shooting with my earphones on, I’m pissing off the lady running the show. She approaches me and starts yelling at me in Cantonese (I only understand Mandarin), I put up my hand and say I’m sorry and walked away. Here’s a series of shots that I see after the fact of her catching me in action and ready to make her move.

No Pictures!


Wednesday, 09.19.12– Smiling Stranger

2. I’m at the Boylston T stop waiting for the D line, The C line stops in front of me with the door open. I see a woman sitting up on the top level seats looking right at me. She smiles. I smile. I point my camera right at her for a shot. She laughs. I smile. The door closes and off she goes. I wish the shot was more in focus. Still, that was a fantastic UX moment of the day. Here’s the shot with her blurry smile.

Smiling Stranger
Smiling Stranger, MBTA


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