User Experience Minute or UX Minute are my random thoughts and observations about all things design and more specifically around user experiences: digital and physical products, people and places, from the exceptional to the mundane.

There are times throughout the day where I’ll have a user experience moment around something: a digital or physical user interface, my experience with a customer service call, a vacation experience, a night out at my favorite restaurant, people watching, my commute to work, etc. When I can, I try to capture this experience with photos.

Jenny Chang

Jenny Chang | UXMinute

I’m currently the UX Manager at EnerNOC where I get to lead a talented team to innovate and create user experiences across our suite of energy management applications.

Previously, I was Co-founder and UX Director of Rocket Farm Studios, a mobile design and development studio. Formally trained as a Landscape Architect, I practiced professionally for many years before moving on as a User Experience Designer in the Technology industry designing user interfaces for consumer-facing mobile and web products and enterprise applications. I’m passionate about problem solving as a Designer and as a Product Strategist: Solving complex user experiences and interface problems that meet both user and business goals. I love working with creative people and making products fun, easy to use, and profitable. I dabble in photography and push myself to not just take well-composed snapshots, but to see and think beyond the obvious.

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