Red Sox World Series 2013 Winning Moment

The Winning Moment: 10.30.2013, 11:24pm

Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs. Koji to close it out. Carpenter at the plate.

ELECTRIC. Captured forever. Brought tears to my eyes again watching it. Feel so lucky to have witnessed the run and then winning it all at Fenway since 1918. WOW.

Magical year. Magical playoff run.

Social Centered Design: Evolution of User Centered Design

I came across this interview with Sam Farber, OXO Founder, the other day. He spoke of Human-Centered Designs (HCD) and how his number one guiding philosophy was Universal Design: A product’s function should be immediately apparent, and anyone should be able to use it.

This really got me thinking about design principles in general. Is universal design the same as User-Centered Design (UCD)? Not quite. When Sam Farber speaks of HCD, the design principles are applicable to everyday tangible products from Oxo’s kitchen products to the iPhone to the door handle on your front door. Think industrial design.

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My 2 Seconds of Fame on WHYY with Al Stewart

Watch Al Stewart on PBS. See more from On Canvas.

I first met folk-rock superstar Al Stewart back in 2007 when he came into town to play at Club Passim in Cambridge. Randy told me all about his history with Al and how it was because of his discovery of Al’s music and album cover that he is now a photographer. With that kind of pretext, I, of course, had to meet him without any knowledge of his music or stardom. Continue reading “My 2 Seconds of Fame on WHYY with Al Stewart”

UX Minute of the Day

Monday, 02.04.13– What’s Missing?

During my commute this morning on the Green Line.

What's Missing?


Wednesday, 09.19.12– Chinatown

2 UX moments while exploring the city with a camera in hand.

1. I’m in Chinatown shooting passersby in front of a chinese bazaar. Little did I know, while I’m shooting with my earphones on, I’m pissing off the lady running the show. She approaches me and starts yelling at me in Cantonese (I only understand Mandarin), I put up my hand and say I’m sorry and walked away. Here’s a series of shots that I see after the fact of her catching me in action and ready to make her move.

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Google Uses Emotions to Sell Their User Experience

Muppets Rocket Out in Google+ Hangout

Google focusing on communicating their brand via emotions in new ads and less on tech, gadgetry, and search terms. Using emotions to communicate over features is a brilliant move. Communicating by getting people to identify with you or your product through their user experiences, ALWAYS works.

Read article: “Google’s Ad Campaign Uses Emotions, Not Search Terms”.

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

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