Boston’s MBTA Fare Strike at Park Street

[pullquote author=”Boston Fare”]”They say FARE HIKE, We say FARE STRIKE!”[/pullquote]

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Passed by folks putting the word out for an upcoming MBTA fare strike at Park Street Station downtown Boston. My monthly subway commuter pass increased by 18% from $59 to $70 starting in July. That is a pretty significant increase. On the other hand, I believe it’s been many years since the last increase.

Boston fare Strike @ encouraging commuters to participate in a public meeting to plan the next action on July 19th, 6pm at the Bandstand. Boston Fare Strike is a coalition of organizations and individuals that came together to meet the July 1st fare hikes with a fare strike. They see this action as a step in the long-term struggle to not only defend Public Transit, but to improve and expand it to better serve the people of Boston and the surrounding areas.

Do You Dare to Try the World’s Hottest Pepper?

Bhut Jolokia, Ghost Chili Pepper -- Photo by WMathi on

I LOVE hot and spicy foods. I’ve been known to get strange looks when asking for hot ‘sauce’ at restaurants, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to try the Bhut Jolokia, better known as the ghost chili pepper, deemed the world’s hottest pepper. This is especially the case when it’s being considered to be used as a weapon by the Indian Army. I like the sound of it though. Like a true pepper or spicy food lover, you love it because it hurts.

Listen to NPR story:

World’s Hottest Pepper: The Perfect Weapon?

– March 25, 2010

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Driving 1700 Miles in 10 Days in the Southwest

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In the heat of the summer, July 2011, we took a 1700 mile, 10 day, driving trip in the Southwest from Phoenix, Arizona to Santa Fe, NM, to Mexican Hat, UT, to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ. We drove on track and off track and explored many towns and sights in-between include the Mother Road Route 66 from Holbrook to Albuquerque, NM.

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Google Uses Emotions to Sell Their User Experience

Muppets Rocket Out in Google+ Hangout

Google focusing on communicating their brand via emotions in new ads and less on tech, gadgetry, and search terms. Using emotions to communicate over features is a brilliant move. Communicating by getting people to identify with you or your product through their user experiences, ALWAYS works.

Read article: “Google’s Ad Campaign Uses Emotions, Not Search Terms”.

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

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Photographers That I Like

Lee Friedlander, 1962

When composing and snapping photos, I’m drawn to shapes, patterns, and reflections in landscapes and streetscapes alike. The following are photographers and artists that influence and inspire what I see.

by Lee Friedlander
Photo by Lee Friedlander courtesy of The Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.

Lee Friedlander   View website

[pullquote foo=”bar” author=”Lee Friedlander”]”Witness is borne and puzzles come together at the photographic moment which is very simple and complete. The mind-finger presses the release on the silly machine and it stops time and holds what its jaws can encompass and what the light will stain.”[/pullquote]

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